• FeminineManifestation

    Step One To Unlocking The Magic Of Manifestation

    Watch Amazing Video Below . . .

  • DoublePeanutButterChocolateCups

    Sweet Nothings: Double Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

    Welcome to my series on Sweet Nothings!  Why the name?  Because there is nothing in them for you to feel bad about. We were given sweet taste buds for a reason… so we can enjoy the grand pleasure… Read More

  • 1619220_244161215755532_724753520_n

    Lose Yourself to Dance

    Healing Through Free Form Movement It is a Sunday Morning and I need something. What I need, I’m not quite sure; something of substance, something connecting, something fortifying to help me on my path through life. I walk… Read More

  • ChildInSunset

    What Do Kids Really Need?

    What is it that kids really need from a parent or guardian? This is a question that I would ask myself as I was raising my 3 sons.  Although the question really went more like how can I… Read More

  • Nathan!

    Going Slow . . .

    Recently I’ve had some time to spend with my almost-2-year-old nephew, Nathan.  My first day babysitting, I decided we’d start our day with a walk.  We quickly dressed for the great outdoors and headed down the road.  
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  • LifestyleIsArt

    Lifestyle As Art

    Sweet of orange, tart of lemon and bitter of grapefruit bathed my tongue all at once.  Ever since I tasted a locally made “Four Fruits Marmalade” in the tiny English village of Sibford, I’ve been on the look-out… Read More

  • BikeTrailChildren

    Wilderness Ethics + Kids

    The hike started off the usual way. It was a sunny morning, and my kids — ages 6 and 3 — and I piled into the car and headed to a trailhead west of town. We took our… Read More

  • DoubleExposureHorseSunset

    Husbands, Horses, And Empathy For Your Wife

    In my work with married men, struggling with their relationship, I’ll use ANY tool I need to make a break-through.  Sometimes my background in training horses comes in handy to create “ah-ha” moments for my frustrated clients. Understanding… Read More

  • MollyMule

    Everything I Learned About Working With Young People I Learned From Mules

      5.  I can’t change a mule.  I can only offer opportunity for change and the rest of the work is up to the mule.   4.  Mules cooperate, work hard, and are loyal to those they feel… Read More