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Let Us Do the Research For You!

The health and happiness of your family is a top priority . .

  • You want the most cutting edge wellness information
  • You want to know the absolute best products and services for transforming your family…
  • . . .  and you want it without having to do hours of research?

Welcome to The Intentional Living project.

We are an online community wellness center committed to finding, researching, and sharing the most high-quality wellness opportunities on the planet.

Make this your one stop for home, health, and community:

  •  Gain access to the healthiest food and fitness resources available.
  •  Find products you love AND feel good about using in your home.
  • Discover services that will serve the needs of you and your family.
  • Engage in our supportive community conversation.
  • Ask wellness related questions.
  • Get well-researched answers.
  • Share your story.

Grand Opening Coming Soon!

Our online community wellness center will open following the Confident Capable Kids Summit - see below for more information and join us as we collaborate in positively impacting young people today!

The Intentional Living Project is proud to present-

The Confident, Capable Kids Summit: Simple Secrets to Help Parents Positively Impact Their Children

Don’t be left behind.  We invite you to join an exclusive group of parents ready to enhance the positive impact they have on their children.

Join Us Today!